How do you say “I am feeling good” in German

In this daily lesson , we will learn to make sentences on German verb “fühlen” .

“fühlen” → “to feel”

“fühlen” is a reflexive verb.

Reflexive verbs reflect back to its subject. For example in English, when we use words like “myself”,”yourself” or “themselves”;  we are using reflexive verbs.  “I am enjoying myself”, “I am teaching myself” or “you might cut yourself” are some of the examples of reflexive verbs in English.

The usage of reflexive verbs in German is more common than that of English.

“fühlen” is one of the many reflexive verbs available in German language.

When you say “I feel something something” in German , you are literally saying “I am feeling myself something something”


Ich fühle mich gut →  I am feeling good.

Ich fühle mich nicht gut →  I am not feeling well.

Ich fühle mich besser→  I am feeling better

Ich fühle mich müde→  I am feeling tired.

Ich fühle mich heute schlecht →  I am feeling bad today.

Wie fühlen sie sich ? →  How are you feeling ?

Wie fühlst du dich? →  How are you feeling ?

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