How do you say “I like to dance” in German ?

We use the word “like” very commonly. Here, we use this word as a verb where we talk about liking a particular thing. “Like” in german is used as “mögen”.

The conjugation for this verb is as follows:

Ich Mag
Du Magst
Er/Es/Sie Mag
Wir Mögen
Ihr Mögt
Sie/sie Mögen

“Mögen” is also a simple verb and used in the way the other verbs are used.

Zum Beispiel:

I like you- Ich mag dich.
I like to dance- Ich mag tanzen.
Do you like Beer?- Magst du Bier?
We like that bag- Wir mögen dass Tasche.
She likes to play chess- Sie mag schach spielen.
He likes to eat cheese bread- Er mag Käsebrot essen.
They like to drink apple juice- Sie mögen apfelsaft trinken.

This verb is also used in a very common way. But always remember that whenever you use this verb with some other verb, “mögen” would come in the conjugated form whereas the other verb is used in its infinitive form.

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