How do you say “May I come in ?” in German ?

“Dürfen” refers to may/allow. It is used in the way we ask our mom “may I go to my friend’s house?” or questions like these. Such words are mainly used when we ask something or to give it a specific word, we may say when ask for a permission.

“Dürfen” is a modal verb. The sentence framing is the same as that of other modal verbs.

Zum beispiel:

May I come in?- Darf Ich herein kommen?

May I buy this?- Darf Ich dass kaufen?
may i come in in german

He may not come- Er darf nicht kommen
She may come- Die darf kommen
He is not allowed to drink alcohol- Er darf nicht rauchen
Peter may not eat chicken- Peter darf nicht Huhn essen
Smoking is not allowed- Dürfen nicht Rauchen
We may not go for the party- Wir dürfen nicht für die Party gehen

See I told you, how easy this is. When we use such modal verbs, we should always keep in mind that we should use the other verb as it is and not in the conjugated form.

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