The present tense (plural pronouns)

In the last lesson , we saw verb endings for present tense in German. Those verb endings were for the nouns and pronouns in singular form.

In this lesson we will learn the verb endings for nouns and  pronouns in plural form.

These verb endings for plural pronouns are very straight forward.

See the examples below.



Wir trinken

Wir gehen

Wir kommen

Wir essen

We drink/We are drinking

We go/We are going

We come/We are coming

We eat/We are eating

Ihr trinkt

Ihr geht

Ihr kommt

Ihr esst

You drink/You are drinking

You go/You are going

You come/You are coming

You eat/You are eating

                               Sie trinken

Sie gehen

Sie kommen

Sie essen

They drink/They are drinking

They go/They are going

They come/They are coming

They eat/They are eating


Wir trinken Wasser

→ We are drinking water/We drink water.

Männer trinken Wasser

→ Men are drinking water/Men drink water.

Kinder essen Pizza

→ Kids are eating pizza.

Jungen spielen Fußball

→ Boys are playing football.

Wir gehen nach Paris

→ We are going to Paris.

Meine Eltern gehen nach Paris

→ My parents are going to Paris.

Sie gehen nach London

→ They are going to London.

Wir  =   Verb – en

Ihr =  Verb- t

Sie= Verb-en

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