Example Sentences on present tense in German

This page provides the daily life sentences in German that you can make after learning present tense in German.

Ich gehe nach Paris→ I am going to Paris
Peter geht nach New York→Peter is going to New York
Du gehst nach London→ You are going to London
Ich esse das Brot→ I am eating the bread
He isst die Banane→ He is eating the banana
Du isst die Orange→ You are eating the orange
Mein Vater trinkt Wasser→ My father drinks water
Meine Mutter trinkt Applesaft→ My mother drinks applejuice
Sein sohn trinkt Milch→ His son drinks milk
Seine tochter trinkt Wien→ His daughter drinks wine
Peter kommt→ Peter is coming
Ich komme nach Deutschland→ I am coming to German


I am coming
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Ich komme.
I am going to New York.
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Ich gehe nach New York.
Peter drinks Beer.
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Peter trinkt Bier.
Peter is eating bread.
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Peter isst Brot.
My sister is coming
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Meine Schwester kommt.
Our car is going.
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Unser Auto geht.
The dog is coming
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Der Hund kommt.
I am eating a Banana.
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Ich esse eine Banane.
Peter is eating pizza.
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Peter isst Pizza.



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