Say “I study German” and similar sentences

Verbs to practice with this lesson:

  1. Studieren = To study.
  2. Lesen = To read.
  3. Sprechen = To speak.
  4. Reden = To speak/To talk
  5. Lernen = To learn


English German
I am studying German Ich studiere Deutsch.
I am learning English. Ich lerne Englisch.
I speak German Ich spreche Deutsch.
You are learning Spanish. Du lernst Spansich.
Peter speaks German Peter spricht Deutsch.
I am reading a book. Ich lese ein Buch.
Monika reads a book Monika liest ein Buch.
I am talking. Ich rede.
Peter studies Art. Peter studiert Kunst.
Monika reads the newspaper. Monika liest Die Zeitung.
You learn Music. Du lernst Musik.
You are talking. Du redest.
You are studying. Du studierst.

Practice: Try to translate following sentences to German

I am reading the newspaper
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Ich lese die Zeitung.
I am studying a book.
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Ich studiere ein Buch.
Peter speaks English.
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Peter spricht Englisch.
Monika is talking.
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Monika redet.
Monika talks too much.
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Monika redet zu viel.
Monika studies Music.
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Monika studiert Musik.
I study science.
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Ich studiere Wissenschaft.
He reads a book.
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Er liest ein Buch.
You speak German
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Du sprichst Deutsch
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