German Be verbs – Part 2

In the previous lesson , we saw German Be verbs for Singular nouns and pronouns.

In this lesson,we will see German be verbs in Plural nouns and pronouns.

German and English be verbs show a great similarity. It is very easy to learn German be verbs by comparing them with their English counterparts.

Let us see this with examples….

Wir sind Amerikaner → We are American.

Wir waren Amerikaner →  We were American

Wir sind →  We are

Wir waren →  We were

Ihr seid Amerikaner → You are American.

Ihr  wart Amerikaner →  You were American

Ihr seid  →  You are

Ihr wart →  You were

Sie sind Amerikaner → They are American.

Sie waren Amerikaner →  They were American.

Sie sind →  They are

Sie waren  →  They were


Sie waren freundlich

→ They were friendly.

Ihr seid so nett

→ You are so nice.

Wir waren dort

→ We were there.

Sie sind glücklich

→ They are happy.

Wir sind bereit

→ We are ready.

Ihr wart hier

→ You were here.

Männer sind hier

→ Men were here.

Kinder waren  traurig

→ Kids were sad.


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