say “She is beautiful” in German

she is beautiful in german

In this lesson , you will learn German equivalents of English “He”, “She” and “It”.

You will learn to make sentences like:

She is Monika.

She is a girl.

She is beautiful

and many more sentences like this in German

English and German third person pronouns hold one to one correspondence.

“He is”  translates to “Er ist” (“Er” pronounced like “air”)

“She is” translates to “sie ist”

“It is” translates to “Es ist” in German.

  • Er ist Peter.
    → He is Peter.

  • Sie ist Monika.
    → She is Monika.

  • Er is Roger.
    → He is Roger.

  • Sie ist Maria.
    → She is Maria.

  • Du bist Lin . Er ist Kim.
     →You are Lin. He is Kim.

  • Ich bin Teena. Sie ist Leena.
    → I am Teena. She is Leena.

  • Es ist iPhone.
    → It is iPhone.

Sie means “You” and Sie means also “She”.

One way to identify is by the be verb associated with it.

Sie Sind → You are.

Sie ist → She is.


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