say “You are beautiful” in German

you are beautiful in germanWelcome to the second lesson on German pronouns.

In this lesson , you will learn second person German pronouns.

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to make sentences like:

You are Monika.

You are a girl.

You are beautiful.

and many more sentences like this in German.

There are two equivalents for English pronoun “YOU”

1. “Du”(doo) →  for informal conversations

“Sie”(“zee”)- for formal conversations

“Du bist” (do beest)  → “You are”

“Sie sind”  (zee zint)→ “You are”

“bist” is a be verb just like “are” of English.

  • Du bist Peter
    → You are Peter.

  • Sie sind Peter
     → You are Peter.

  • Du bist Monika
    → You are Monika.

  • Ich bin John. Du bist  Ron
    → I am John. You are Ron.

  • Ich bin Lin . Sie sind Kim.
     →I am Lin. You are Kim.

  • Ich bin Teena. Du bist Leena
    → I am Teena. Du bist Leena.

  • Ich bin  Roger. Du bist Rafel.
    → I am Roger. You are Rafel.



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