say “We are American” in German

we are american in germanIn this lesson, you will learn German pronouns in plural form.

You will learn German equivalents of English “We” ,”You” and “They”.

You will learn to make sentences like:

We are American.

You are German.

They are kids.

and many more sentences like these in German.

Wir sind (veer zint)= We are

Ihr seid (eehr zeet)= You are

Sie sind (zee zint)= They are

  • Wir sind Amerikaner.
    → We are American.

  • Ihr seid Amerikaner.
    → You are American.

  • Sie sind Amerikaner.
    →They are American.

  • Wir sind Männer.
    → We are men.

  • Ihr seid Männer.
    →You are men.

  • Sie sind Männer.
    →They are men.

  • Wir sind Frauen.
    → We are women

  • Ihr seid Frauen
    → You are women.

  • Sie sind Frauen
    → They are women.

  • Wir sind Jungen.
    → We are boys.

  • Ihr seid Jungen.
    → You are boys.

  • Sie sind Jungen
    → They are boys.


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One comment on “say “We are American” in German
  1. Deb says:

    These lessons are Prima!! I hope you keep adding to them. And the pronunciation guide is a great help as well. Danke schön!!

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