say “My car is red” in German

my car is red in german

In this lesson ,you will learn possessive pronouns in German.

By end of this lesson, you will be able to make sentences like:

My car is red

My father is old

My brother is strong

and many more sentences like these in German.

German has 3 equivalents for English “My”

1)Mein(maaeen – to be used for masculine nouns

for example : mein Mann (My man) , mein Vater (My father), mein Bruder (My brother)

2)Meine(maaeena) -to be used for feminine nouns

for example : meine Frau (My woman) , meine Mutter (My mother), meine Schwester (My sister)

3)Mein – to be used for neuter nouns

for example : mein Auto (My car) , mein Kind (My kid), mein Buch (My book)

4) Meine – to be used for plural nouns

for example : meine Autos (My cars) , meine Bücher (My books)

  • Mein Vater ist Alt.
    → My father is old.

  • Meine Mutter ist Alt.
    → My mother is old.

  • Mein Auto ist Alt.
    →My car is old.

  • Meine Bücher sind Alt.
    → My books are old.

  • Mein Apfel ist Rot.
     →My apple is red.

  • Meine Banane ist Gelb.
    →My banana is yellow.

  • Mein Haus ist Weiß.
    → My house is white.

  • Meine Bäume sind Grün
    → My trees are green.


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More examples on “Mein/Meine”:

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